I don’t usually quote other people but the state of affairs in the world these days necessitates a reminder of Bertrand Russell’s thinking.

"...freedom is not the panacea of all things. I think there are a good many matters in which freedom should be restrained. Some of them things in which it is not sufficiently restrained at present. In the relations between nations; there ought to be less freedom than there is, I think."

"...I think that freedom must have very definite limitations, where you come to things that are definitely harmful to other people or things that prevent you yourself from being useful, such as lack of knowledge."

"...I do like clarity and exact thinking and I believe that very important to mankind. Because when you allow yourself to think inexactly, your prejudices, your bias, your self interest comes in in ways you don't notice, and you do bad things without knowing that you are doing them. Self deception is very easy. So that I do think clear thinking immensely important.."